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Tue Sep 23 06:26:21 EST 1997

9/23/97 posted in bionet.agroforesty

My favorite way to find newsgroups is at tile net (
There I looked up forestry and got no reply; so I then tried
agroforestry and found this group. I was curious what tile net would
have to say about the group. The following info was spit out-

Actual readers of this group: 8900
      Average number of messages per day: 3
      Kilobytes per day: 7k
      Percentage of Internet sites who receive this group: 43%
      Crossposting: 9%

So while maybe a dozen or so people make up 90% of the messages, we have
8888 lurkers? <G> Ale Gore, are you here?

I suggest that the regulars here tell everybody you know who has
anything to do with forestry (agro or otherwise), all your econaut
friends, post a message on the bulletin board at your forestry college,
tell your local state forestry people, etc. Let's get the traffic up.

I'd like the professors to tell us what wonderful research they're doing
to solve "real world" problems- as if they knew what the real world was
all about. How would they know? They never asked me. <G> I'm looking at
the latest 15 page newsletter of my state forestry school with no
mention whatsoever of real forestry in Massachusetts- a state in which
most of the land is privately owned woodland, much of which is managed
by forestry consultants. The term "forestry consultant" never shows up
in this newsletter, but I seen mention of research in the far corners of
the planet, who got promoted to what high-falutin job, which prof is on
sabbatical to the back side of the moon, etc. Figures. Wake up academia,
you don't have a clue. I always remember how China, 30 years ago, sent
it's profs out to the boondocks to work in the rice paddies. Perhaps
forestry professors should be forced to spend some time actually doing
woods work. They'd learn more in a week than all their time in grad

I'd like the gov. people to tell us the latest in their programs. Where
are the 50 state forestry "chiefs"? The is the powwow and the chiefs
aren't showing. Oh, I forgot, this isn't an egalitarian society where
the "leaders" actually mingle with the masses- and do some leading. As a
consultant I see the exact same problems as 20 years ago, with no
contributions or solutions from those with their nice cushy jobs.

I'd like to see the politicians involved with forestry issues on
Congressional committees tell us what they're doing and give us a chance
to grill them. They might learn something here. What are we the people
paying these turkeys for?

But no, all those folks who don't show use ancient technology, the post
office to inform the "commoners" of their activities; and they leave
this world wide forum for us little guys. Well, I've always thought that
the so called "important people" aren't so smart as us "nobodies". In
our highly stratified class based society, the "leadership" is nowhere
to be seen except behind the walls of image they create. And they are
out of touch and as a result we have lousy policies and no leadership.
The net is Marshall McCluhan's "global village" of real democracy. I
challenge the "leaders" to get their asses down here with the "people".
Then we'll pass around the peacepipe. And then we'll need to build a
bigger clubhouse. <G> Those that don't show, are irrelevant as far as
I'm concerned.

Der forestmeister

PS: I'm going to fax the above message to my state forestry school and
the local state forestry agency- please do the same.

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