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Tue Sep 23 18:37:58 EST 1997

av08 at wrote:
>    The controversy of Trees and Water, especially within the Riparian zone.
>    There are some who allege that all trees should be cleared from the
>    banks of streams and rivers as this will increase water flow; (trees
>    use the water).    This is a hot issue in South Africa and the
>    Government has even made suggestions of introducing a rainfall
>    interception tax on forestry areas in general.
>    Others again say that trees in the riparian zone are necessary to
>    conserve the eco-system, reduce errosion and filter the water.
>    I would be intersted in hearing your views on the matter - WHO is RIGHT
>    and WHO is WRONG.
>    Harold
I agree with the other posts, then there is the aspect of
Pytoremediation where all plant material will break down organic
contaminats in the ground and surface water.

I find the propensity to dredge all waterways a bad thing to for the
above reason.

as for evaporative loss in irrigaton and potable aquiducts arid climate
governments would do good to enclose them. 

Here in wisconsin it is an old practice to plant a willow down slope
from a septic system.


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