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Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Tue Sep 23 20:00:48 EST 1997

Forest Olivier <folivier at> wrote in article
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>  I will need to clean up the property as the previous owner let the
> leave all the branches, etc on the property.  Then I would like to
> trees for future sale, and also additional food plots to enhance
> specifically deer, turkey, dove, quail, duck, rabbit, squirrel and
> else worth eatin'.  If anyone has any advice I'll gladly listen.  

I'm not familiar with Southern management practices, but here in the NE,
branches are routinely left by loggers.  In fact, I prefer to have the
branches left, since 90% of the nurtients are in the leaves and fines (so
I've been told).  I know it's a pain to plant around the branches,
especially if you're corn rowing trees.

Are branches routinely harvested in the South?


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