Precommercial thinning: brush cutters

Paul Hamby paul at
Tue Sep 23 21:16:35 EST 1997

Up here in Alaska, half the battle in thinning (precommercial) is
getting the reprod to even hit the ground. Chainsaw is pretty much the
only thing you can wave around over your head in order to break the
stuff down. Also, there is the brown bear factor. When confronted by a
brown bear, which would you like to have gased up and running; a weed
trimmer, or an 084 w/36" bar and all the rakers filed off?

Come back...

David Decker wrote:
   >Anders Axelsson wrote:

> > a 5-ft rod with a circular saw ... engine
> > at the other.You carry this contraption in a harness to cut trees up
> to 8-10 inches.I`d be
> It's a brush cutter..
> that go upto a lawn mower on a stick.... Over 3hp (65ccs) with a
> 10inch
> circular blade for a listed price just under $1,000.
> ...  The brush cutter is safer and more fun, not to
> mention what shrinks would say about pushing a long power rod into
> thick
> brush..

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