Sawmill Lumber Grade Shortcourse

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Wed Sep 24 12:52:13 EST 1997

I leave for two days on a National Hardwood Lumber Association lumber
grading shortcourse and the lurkers are coming out of the woodwork.  I LOVE it.

Someone mentioned that opening a log in a sawmill is an experience that
many foresters never get, to include many consultants.  Most solid wood
industrial foresters get this experience.  Most paper company foresters do
not.  Alabama service foresters train regularly and I have a third course
under my belt...FAS, 1 side FAS, #1 Common, #2 Common, #3 Common...

Foresters should give up a weeks salary to see how a graded log or tree on
the stump (stumpage) cuts out.  You may be estimating your log grades
wrong.  Call NHLA today for information or call Karen Kenna, USFS, State
and Private Forestry in (the Braves are in the Playoffs)Atlanta, Georgia.

And I say all this knowing that this is like a visit to the bovine
slaughter house and trying to explain the beauty of a t-bone or prime rib
just after that twenty-two slug enters the animal's cerebral cortex.  Some
people are just too sensitive, or never eat beef, never write on paper with
a PENCIL, or use toilet paper. 

Keep Talking,

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