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Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Brett Nodello wrote:
> >
> > Well, I'm not a professor but (student actually) I am involved in a
> > research project.  I am doing research for a professor involving Power
> > line right-of-ways.  I am trying to determine which cutting method is
> > more beneficial between manual (brush saws) or mechanized (Hydroaxe).
> > We are looking at height, species, plot density, and stump sprout per
> > stump.  I have really just got started on the project so I can't really
> > say how it is going.  If anyone is interested I will post any thing new.
> >
> > Brett Nodello
> > "The Woodlot"
> >
> What's a Hydroaxe?

Hydroaxe.  A device designed to maime any living creature within 100

Actually, it is a hydraulicly driven HUGH brush hog, designed to clear
right of ways and other sites were species identification and leave
trees are not part of the picture.  

For a simple view, think of a lawn mower that will cut 6"trees and

Its a southern thing, all that brush, ya know.
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