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Paul Adams wrote:
> catherine yronwode <cat at luckymojo.com> said this:
> >I live a few miles down the road from Cloverdale (in Forestville) and am
> >quite familiar with this incident. A millworker lost his hand when the
> >bandsaw hit a spike and snapped.
> >
> >This millworker has since appeared on stage at rallies in tandem with
> >the late Judi Bari, a co-founder of Earth First. He has said repeatedly
> >in print and in public speeches that he does not blame Earth First or
> >other environmentalists for his injury. Rather, he blames the MILL
> >
> >Why?
> I'm sure the injured worker could gain a lot more by suing the mill owners
> than suing EF.
> >
> >Because a bandsaw can cut through as many as FIVE spikes before it
> >weakens enough to snap when it hits a spike -- and he and his fellow
> >crew members had hit MANY spikes with that particular saw band on that
> >day and had asked the mill owner to replace the band. The mill owner
> >refused and ordered them back to work. Eventually the band snapped and
> >hurt the sawyer. It is important to note that this mill already had a
> >higher-than-average injury rate among sawyers due to poor maintenance of
> >other equipment when the incident occurred.
> I am not familiar with this story, but this just doesn't seem to make
> sense.  If they had hit a spike (or five), it would have severely
> dulled/damaged the blade.  This would cause the saw to cut crooked, which
> would cost the mill owner a lot of money.  Even if the mill owner didn't
> care about his employees at all, I'm sure he cares about his bottom line.
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Modern sawmill equipement have magnets that can detect any metal in the
logs- and stop the machinery. The mill should have this safety
equipment. But of course many industries refuse to install safety
equipment unless forced to by- you know... those commies in OSHA. Metal
in logs is not uncommon from old fences, posters and many other reasons
other than Earth Firsters. Most mills have this ability, not so much to
protect the workers, but to protect their investment saw blades and so
as to not have to shut the mill down while they change blades. I have no
personal familiary with this safety equipment but I have read about it.
Perhaps this is why the worker blames the mill. And besides any good
lier... er I mean lawyer would probably first go after whoever put the
metal in the tree and if they wasn't lucrative enought then go after the
mill owner or ANYBODY with lots of money- so this can't be his reason to
defend Earth First.

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