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> I'd like to add industrial foresters and loggers to the list.  They have a
> larger impact on private forestlands than any group of consultants.
> There's more of them than there is of us.  I'd like to see some of their
> views on management and utilization.

Unfortunately and sadly true; but it shouldn't be the case. Here in
Mass. most logging is STILL done without a consultant involved. The
"forest cutting plan" that is required by the state is so fucking lame
(excuse my French) that any 3 year old could prepare one. The state
legislature should be sent to Siberia for failing to do something about
this and the reason they don't is that Mass. Wood Producers Assoc.
provides better bribes... er correct that.... contributions during
election time.

> Another good spot for foresters and professors to learn is at the mill.
> Get to know what defects cut out, how well juvenille timber survives as
> lumber, what products are made from the timber you are growing.  When you
> fully understand the demand side, you can better serve the supply side.

I agree completly on this point. It's good basic knowledge all foresters
should have, and I unfortunately have very little of. I did work in a
sawmill for a few months stacking lumber out in the sheds. It was
horrendously hard work for minimum wage so I didn't stick around to
learn the finer points of sawmilling. But perhaps more forestry students
should spend time interning in a sawmill rather than out in some
national forest. Another important reason to learn about what trees look
like sawed up is that when marking the tree to be harvested you can then
have a more informed estimate of the board foot tally to come out of
that tree. Timber buyers quickly develop opinions of which consultants
they should buy timber from based on how accurate the tally is.

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