Trees From Seeds at at
Wed Sep 24 20:33:02 EST 1997

Michael Courtney wrote:
> Sure, I can buy trees cheaply as seedlings, but I'm also interested in
> trying to grow them from seeds.  My main interests are sugar maple, red

I'm not a forrester, just an (sub)urban treeman, but I,ve picked up a
few things here and there. I like Larry's response, and would like to
add that you should look closly at the tree you cut from (as you
probibly realize)since this is asexual propigation you are esensialy
cloning the plant. look the structure of the plant, crotch anges and the
like, I have read that highth of codominant seperation might be under
loose(?) genetic control.

in short look for trees you realy like to take the cuttings from.


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