Sugar Maples: Syrup vs Timber? at at
Wed Sep 24 20:18:13 EST 1997

Michael Courtney wrote:
> OK, all you experts out there.  We've got about 100 sugar maples at our farm,
> varying in diameter from 12" to 48" and in height from 60-80'.  They have
> not yet been used for syrup production, but their location for it is ideal
Have you figured in the overhead for the boiler? fuil cost ? time
investment wich includes walking the lines twice a day (more if your
bush is real good) and cooking it down you have to sit with it the whole
time to ensure you dont scorch it. if you  carmelize you loose the whole

I've talked to a number of bush operaters in northern wis. and it is
realy a lbor of love with maginal return. 

I've also read somewhere (Shigo?) that boring drip holes can ruin wood
for comercial use do to compartmentalization of wound areas and chemical
additives that prevent natural wound blockage.


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