Trees in the riparian zone (Trees and water resources).

Don Staples dstaples at
Thu Sep 25 10:26:26 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> >There are some who allege that all trees should be cleared from the
> >   banks of streams and rivers as this will increase water flow; (trees
> >   use the water).
> I want to say this is the stupidest thing I've heard in years.  I wont.
> Its the dumbest thing I've heard in years.
> Yes.  It will increase the flow of water. But it will also increase water
> siltation and non-pollution and temperature.  All bad for water quality.
> You have to have a streamside management zone-providing filtration and shade.

On the money.  We use SMZ's (stream mangement zones) to maintain water
quality, not as a source of timber.  You can log in the SMZ, but you use
far more caution and control than on other lands.

The southern SMZ's are used as at least part of the game managment plan,
they provide corridors for game travel, a filtration zone for the
stream, and a source of species diversification in otherwise pure pine

the ones that usually declare clearing of the stream banks are Corp of
Engineer types who never got out of the 1940's.  Channelization was the
catch word back then, move that water down stream as fast as you can,
straighten those streams out, remove all obstacles, dry that land for
farming, and to hell with the stream biology.  Most folks have learned,
since then.
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