Sierra Club WTC

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Sep 25 04:42:08 EST 1997

Robbruno wrote:

> The Virginia Dept of Transportation is considering the construction of a
> $1.5 billion highway that would run from I-95 near Fredericksburg, to Route
> 7 east of Leesburg, called the Western Transportation Corridor (WTC).  As
> part of  the Sierra Club's campaign, Sprawl Costs Us All, the organization
> is holding a rally to build awareness of the costly WTC.  Additionally, the
> EPA, Army Corps of Engineers and the National Parks oppose the development
> of the "outer beltway".  Together with concerned citizens, Sierra Club will
> be voicing their opposition to the proposed suburban sprawl and highway
> development.  Speakers, historians and local citizens will provide insight
> and information regarding the history, wildlife and ecosystems of the area
> and impacts of the proposed highway.

Of course this will develop into the usual fight between
environmentalists and developers. But our civilization could expand
without sprawling all over the landcape (by rebuilding the already
devastated areas) then we could have an expanding economy without
destroying the landscape. But that would entail zoning and we all know
how UNAMAMERICAN that is. The mere thought that some gov. agency would
tell people what to do with their land and what they can't do. Much
better to pave over the entire country; like around Dallas, Pensacola,
Los Angelas, DC and other proud centers of the American way of life and
high culture.

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