Trees From Seeds

Wed Sep 24 23:35:59 EST 1997

In a "nutshell" most tree seeds have to go through some sort of "chill"
period or "stratification" before sprouting. Some have to have their
seed coats weakened by mechanical or chemical means (scarification). I
had the following book but gave it to the local library because it was
so technical. 

"Seeds of Woody Plants in the United States", C.S. Schopmeyer, ed.,
1974, USDA Forest Service Agriculture Handbook No. 450.

But, if you get:

"Growing Illinois Trees From Seed", Univ. of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service,
Circular 1219.

this booklet will cover all your seeds.

I don't know about spruce, but I heard Black Cherry is tough to germ.
Larry's right in that it's not rocket science but if one approaches it
that, it takes the fun out of it. We planted 10 acres of Black Walnuts
once on 10'x10' spacing, stomping in the mud 2 unhulled nuts per spot
and got about 1 seedling per spot except for the seepy areas. Good Luck!

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