Precommercial thinning: brush cutters

Paul Hamby paul at
Thu Sep 25 17:40:27 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Paul Hamby wrote:
> >
> > Up here in Alaska, half the battle in thinning (precommercial) is
> > getting the reprod to even hit the ground. Chainsaw is pretty much the
> > only thing you can wave around over your head in order to break the
> > stuff down. Also, there is the brown bear factor. When confronted by a
> > brown bear, which would you like to have gased up and running; a weed
> > trimmer, or an 084 w/36" bar and all the rakers filed off?
> >
> > Come back...
> >
> > David Decker wrote:
> >    >Anders Axelsson wrote:
> Yuh, but I hear those Alaskan brown bears aren't afraid of chain saws-
> it stimulates their appetites. <G> And you won't be able to hear that
> bear sneeking up on you from behind.

Actually, you can't hear them if they are sneeking up on you whether you
have a saw running or not. They are proffessional hunters. From some
time in the Tongass, I found that you can "smell" them first. Of course
the exhaust fumes could mess that up too. In the last seven years I have
had three chainsaws chewed up by brown bears, but no personal attacks. A
personal attack is when they are snarling "this is personal...." on the
way in...

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