Sawmill Lumber Grade Shortcourse

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Fri Sep 26 12:08:01 EST 1997

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>Here's a novel idea:  Why not actually teach foresters while they are in
>school!  We never went to any type of lumbering operation, even though the
>university had their own sawmill.

Waste of time.  Simply an introduction at best.  We went to a sawmill during 
school.  Doesn't mean that I would trust of of those students to grade logs 
for me immediately after.  It's a lot like dendrology, you're not going to 
learn a lot about tree species or log grades in a quarter or a semester; it's 
something that, to really learn, you have to pick up over time looking at lots 
of trees and lots of logs.  Spending time in a sawmill periodically throughout 
your carreer is invaluable.

>Consultants do not estimate log grades.  Mostly, because they can't.  

We (as consultants) have always graded, both logs and stumpage for any client 
who asks us to.  Few ask for grade estimates of standing trees during an 
inventory due to the additional costs involved.  

I refuse to offer grade information on a stumpage prospectus, I'm not 
guaranteeing volume or grade recovery on a sale and prefer to force potential 
buyers to make their own estimates of grade.

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