Precommercial thinning: brush cutters

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Sep 25 20:13:47 EST 1997

Paul Hamby wrote:

> Actually, you can't hear them if they are sneeking up on you whether you
> have a saw running or not. They are proffessional hunters. From some
> time in the Tongass, I found that you can "smell" them first. Of course
> the exhaust fumes could mess that up too. In the last seven years I have
> had three chainsaws chewed up by brown bears, but no personal attacks. A
> personal attack is when they are snarling "this is personal...." on the
> way in...

You mean the saws don't scare'm away?

Brown (grizzly) bears freak me out. There ain't no way I'm going out
into grizzly country without a gun and I don't like guns. I camped in
Yellowstone for a week in the biggest campground and I still was
wondering if I'd get a visit during the night and I ony went out on the
trails on ranger walks- except once for a short walk only to find out
later that that area was a danger zone.

In that Yellowstone camground, we did get visited and woken up by
coyotes only feet away from the tent. Several of them would start
"singing" around 2:00 AM, then again around 5:00 AM. This was a real
thrill! And they were much louder than I had expected- a really wild

A friend of mine has camped out by himself many times in the backcountry
of Yellowstone and in Alaska. I wouldn't do that for all of the money in
Bill Gates checkbook.

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