Todd M. Bolton tmbolton at
Sat Sep 27 10:34:10 EST 1997

Brett Nodello wrote:
> Well, I'm not a professor but (student actually) I am involved in a
> research project.  I am doing research for a professor involving Power
> line right-of-ways.  I am trying to determine which cutting method is
> more beneficial between manual (brush saws) or mechanized (Hydroaxe).
> We are looking at height, species, plot density, and stump sprout per
> stump.  I have really just got started on the project so I can't really
> say how it is going.  If anyone is interested I will post any thing new.
> Brett Nodello
> "The Woodlot"

You, and others interested, might want to check out the Arbor age at

They frequently exploer various methods of line clearence issues,
including ROW maintenance.  Good article last spring on a fellow in
Delaware, Delmarva Power, using herbicide and mechanical means to
establish fairly stable low growth habitat types wihtin easements.

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