Brett Nodello v7re at
Sun Sep 28 01:33:24 EST 1997

Jamie Simpson wrote:
> Check out the Forestry Chronicle from last winter (January or February
> issue).  There was a big project in northern Ontario done and there are
> several papers in there that may be of interest.  One study looked at
> the re-establishment of aspen after control by herbicides, brushsaws
> and  a Ford-Silvana Selective.  If I remember correctly, the
> Ford-Silvana rig shattered the stems while the brushsaws made a clean
> cut.  With the shattered stems there was more potential for infection,
> reducing the vigour of the sprouts.
> You might also fing my name on a couple of papers there, but don't
> believe everything you read.
> Jamie
So far I think this is very close to what we are coming up with.  We
have also noticed the shattering of the stems.  The hydroaxe seems to be
the way to go thus far.  An estimated time interval between cutting,
which will be a very important factor has yet to be determined as the
last clearing was only about 7 years ago, so I guess it will be several
years before any recommendation will be made.

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