120 new acres (was: Forestry Censorship...)

Jamie Simpson jamessim at uoguelph.ca
Sat Sep 27 23:45:31 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> Hey, welcome!  I've been the only small forest owner here long enough!

That was great!  If you ever find yourself in southern Ontario, Canada,
please come and give a talk to the farm forestry students here.  (Notice
how I didn't say agroforestry)  You are quite right about talking to all
the local extension officers, loggers, other landholders and anyone else
that may have some useful information.  A lot of what one might hear is
opinion or doctrine.  Take what you want and can use from each person
and put the rest away.  Don't throw it out because you may miss
something useful.  And then let as many people as will listen, learn
from you.  This will be our best hope of getting the small landowner
involved.  There is money to be made here, but there are many other
benefits that are more difficult to put a monetary value on.  

Jamie Simpson

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