Logging hazards

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Sun Sep 28 15:35:04 EST 1997

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kfloritto at kermode.net wrote:

> We just got word that my cousin, a veteran logger, was
> badly injured in an on-the-job accident.  He's lost one
> leg, the other is badly crushed, as are several vertebrae,
> along with other injuries.

God I hate to hear news like that.  It happens all too often in logging
communities.  I have friends missing limbs, or with wires for tendons,
or who live in constant pain.  You can tell when you are in a logging 
town because all the handicapped parking spots are full at the supermarket.

Your cousin has his life, which is no small thing.  He'll have some real
hard times adjusting, but he will have some good times too.  They can do
wonders with prosthetics and reconstructive surgery nowdays.  That may
seem like cold comfort right now.  I'm very sorry.

When you put huge trees and huge equipment on uncertain slopes with small
people, there's no such thing as a minor accident.  

As a landowner I work alone almost all the time.  Sometimes that scares 
hell out of me.  There are some things I just won't do unless I can recruit
someone to watch, and call an ambulance if necessary.  I also pack a cell
phone wherever I go, just in case.
-- Larry

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