China Timber Imports (Fwd)

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Wed Apr 1 19:54:55 EST 1998

Mike Hagen wrote:

> Just saw an article in my normally worthless daily news that mills in
> southern Oregon have begun to import pacific rim radiata pine to make
> up for local shortfalls.  Amounts were pegged at being "small at
> present" but promising to increase. The mills liked the "consistency"
> of the imported wood and were marveling at the global economy that
> would make them a processor of Third World resources.
> What do y'all think about that?
> Mike H

 Its called free enterprise at work.  We have a local paper mill which is
shutting off all chips and roundwood effective June 1.  Seems that they
will be importing processed pulp from South America, where ecological
restrictions are not as severe.  Pulp will be shipped to Canada, then
trucked about 300 mi.  to PA.  I don't know how they figured the
economics, but if fuel prices go up, they may never be able to get chip
or roundwood again, without paying high spot prices.  This could happen
in other sections of the country, since this is a major paper producer.

As far as southern Oregon mills, maybe we should be shipping eastern
white pine to the west, since our stumpage prices are so low.


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