Seed mix for trails after timber harvest??

Susan112 susan112 at
Wed Apr 1 21:38:21 EST 1998

Many may say fescue or red fescue and that will work, but then you're stuck
with fescue.. I take it these roads will remain open and subject to traffic so
my recommendations may not work, but we've used wheat, ladino clover, korean
lespedeza, and annual or perrenial rye in varying mixtures on landings and some
trails with enough light.  (Makes great green browse too). Orchardgrass may
work, haven't tried it yet.  There are also expensive fabrics and plastic
doohickeys if your into high-end stuff.

Seeds for true native forbs and woodland grasses are extremely expensive and
hard to get.   We opt for water bars, road closure and temporary seedings with
more or less acceptable exotics.  The thought is that a few years leaf cover
will accumulate as the seeding craps out with crown closure to help stabilize
the road.  This is with little traffic. 

We're going to be doing something different on our horse trails with armored
water diversions, but there we have to tolerate more erosion anyways as the
horsey folks are in tight with the politicos to keep trails open and develop
new ones (in steep country)...sorry, had to get a gripe in :)


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