Seed mix for trails after timber harvest??

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Wed Apr 1 20:19:31 EST 1998

What should be in a "conservation mix" for seeding roads/trails after a timber
harvest?  The roads were put in as part of the operation and were just graded
today, with water bars placed where needed.   What mix will develop a root
structure fairly quickly since there are slopes and we've been getting
unusually heavy rains in recent years?  The mix should be shade-tolerant, and
suited to soils that support sugar maple, northern red oak, white pine,
basswood, and ash.

The location is somewhat moist, well-drained soil over hardpan (not a droughty
area), mostly south-facing slopes, with winter temperatures that often are -20
degrees or lower.     The "traffic" will be humans (and animals) on foot, but
since some local ATV jockeys might come (uninvited!), it can't be too fragile. 
It would help if the seeds germinate more quickly than wild turkeys can eat
them. <g>

Also, reasonable in cost, since we've got about 3/4 mile of 8' road, plus some
skid trails that we'll also seed where they are disturbed.  (It would qualify
for SIP, but the pot is empty.)

And finally, where can I buy suitable seeds?   Mail order?  The local farm
supply store has become yuppified and sells lawn grass seed and other suburban
stuff, but has to special order bags (50 lb bags!) of agricultural seeds.  

Any suggestions from the world's most knowledgable forestry experts?  :)

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