Seed mix for trails after timber harvest??

Mike Hagen mhagen at
Thu Apr 2 14:21:25 EST 1998

This is fron the wrong end of the country but the general ideas may
help.  I use an annual rye for short term shading and mix in whatever
I can find from our NRCS erosion control recipe.  I admit, I've never
gotten the entire mix together at the same time.
 Here are recipes for "Coastal" and "Foothill" mixes.   Amounts are
pounds/acre.  (Hope the columns work)
ryegrass		15		15
tall fescue		18		-
creeping red fescue	8		12
bentgrass		1		-	
big trefoil		4		-
birdsfoot trefoil	-		8
white clover		-		2
sickle keeled lupine	20		20

The lupine is a big hulking plant. Highway Depts around here use vetch
or alfalfa instead (which escapes and dominated river beds all over
the place). Good luck!
birdsfoot trefoil	

ForestFair wrote:
> What should be in a "conservation mix" for seeding roads/trails after a timber
> harvest?  The roads were put in as part of the operation and were just graded
> today, with water bars placed where needed.   What mix will develop a root
> structure fairly quickly since there are slopes and we've been getting
> unusually heavy rains in recent years?  The mix should be shade-tolerant, and
> suited to soils that support sugar maple, northern red oak, white pine,
> basswood, and ash.
> The location is somewhat moist, well-drained soil over hardpan (not a droughty
> area), mostly south-facing slopes, with winter temperatures that often are -20
> degrees or lower.     The "traffic" will be humans (and animals) on foot, but
> since some local ATV jockeys might come (uninvited!), it can't be too fragile.
> It would help if the seeds germinate more quickly than wild turkeys can eat
> them. <g>
> Also, reasonable in cost, since we've got about 3/4 mile of 8' road, plus some
> skid trails that we'll also seed where they are disturbed.  (It would qualify
> for SIP, but the pot is empty.)
> And finally, where can I buy suitable seeds?   Mail order?  The local farm
> supply store has become yuppified and sells lawn grass seed and other suburban
> stuff, but has to special order bags (50 lb bags!) of agricultural seeds.
> Any suggestions from the world's most knowledgable forestry experts?  :)
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