China Timber Imports (Fwd)

Wudman69 wudman69 at
Thu Apr 2 16:44:16 EST 1998

>>Just saw an article in my normally worthless daily news that mills in
southern Oregon have begun to import pacific rim radiata pine to make
up for local shortfalls.  Amounts were pegged at being "small at
present" but promising to increase. The mills liked the "consistency"
of the imported wood and were marveling at the global economy that
would make them a processor of Third World resources.<<

I recently build a new shop at home.  I live in the middle of southern pine
country, manage southern pine timberlands, and have my salary paid by southern
pine.  Studs in my shop are Canadian spruce.  I can buy spruce here in the
local lumber yard about 20% cheaper than southern pine (there is a pine mill
here in town that also supplies the building center).  So much for freight

Also a local furniture maker manufactures "Southern pine" furniture.  His
lumber supply is radiata pine from South America.

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