EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris

ForestFair forestfair at
Fri Apr 3 15:11:32 EST 1998

Carl (BACKCUT at wrote:

>>Pulled muscles, severe muscle spasms, chipped bone in thumb, chipped bone in
ankle, broken fingers, broken ribs, several
concussions, 3 compressed vertebrae in lower back, burns, minor and severe 
cuts......  Doing what I really love to do, taking care of our forests.  I am a
doer and not a klutz.  When you "DO", every day, accidents do happen. <<

and Joe (redoak at replied:

>Well, ya got my respect. What little chain saw work I've done makes me realize
the most important person in the woods is the guy with the saw. You aren't paid
anywhere near enough for the hard and dangerous work you do.<

Joe (and Carl),

Dangerous work it is:

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