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Sorry if this is duped.  I didn't see it posted previously.

In article <352367C4.E24620E0 at forestmeister.com>, Joseph Zorzin
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>Productivity in American forests is nothing compared to what it
>could be; and it would NOT take a vast amount of gov. support. We're not
>talking going to the Moon. The cost of 1 unnecessary bomber (which
>enriches the constituents of that asshole, hypocrite Newt Gingrich)
>could put millions of


Here go the insults again.  Don't swallow everything you hear on TV, Joe.
Newt is a great guy! <G>

Speaking of the moon and wasted dollars.  It sure is nice that "your" man
John Glenn is being rewarded with another space ride because of his
unfettered defense of President Clinton during the campaign funding scandall.
I wonder if he sold his soul for the vacation before the hearings even took

No doubt about it, the DNC (and Mr. President) are guilty as sin of many
transgressions.  I thought we already had forfeiture laws on the books.  When
we caught President Clinton's buddy Jorje' Cabrero (spelling) giving the DNC
his drug money (and the ILLEGAL chinese money, and the ILLEGAL tibetan monk
money, on and on) he could only reply with "We gave that money back".  If the
money was illegal, by law it should have been confiscated and dolled out to
various police funding programs.  Why is it that the DNC went through so much
effort to "give the money back" to known criminals, etc. when money is often
confiscated with no evidence of a crime or no follow up conviction?
Unfortunately the cost of lawyers, etc is overbearing to most of these cases
where the average joe (not you, Joe) has no recourse.  This is a damn shame!

I could go on, but.....

The recent sex scandalls are probably the best thing that happened to our
President and his (your) party as the media has obviously focused on it
intensly.  The real scandall is our nation's leaders selling out to China,
drug lords, etc.  Maybe on page 29 you have read about the various
indictments handed out for Johnny Chung, etc.  It is in very small print.
The media in general would rather go on demonizing the likes of Ken Star and
Newt Gingrich, etc.  And you (someone who in theory should just take an
objective scientific approach in analysis) just keep gobbling it up.

Try to stay on topic, Joe.  You may be knowledgable in forestry, but you know
squat about most of the other stuff you feel obligated to spew, here (like
the affirmative action bs).

Sorry, folks, but I can not let these transgressions go unchallenged.


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