lets hear some chatter out there <G>

ForestFair forestfair at aol.com
Tue Apr 7 16:08:00 EST 1998

Der Forestmeister (Joseph Zorzin) <redoak at forestmeister.com>, trying to stir
things up (as usual <g>), said:

>Getting (quiet) around here in the forestry newsgroups. I suggest everyone
>who reads this start up at least one new thread.

One question that seems to rev up quiet newsgroups is "Where are you from?"  
To keep it on-topic, how about the following:

Where are you from, and what's your connection to forestry (or agroforestry)?

I hope that some of the lurkers will come out of hiding and make their presence
known.  Nice people in this newsgroup, and they don't flame you when you ask a
dumb question.  <g>

Or is everyone out planting trees?

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