lets hear some chatter out there <G>

Timothy Hunley HUN60 at webtv.net
Tue Apr 7 19:54:57 EST 1998

Hello regulars and lurkers.

Just a tree farmer from Ohio willing to discuss anything of interest
with anyone.  What I can't answer can usually be fielded quite well by
many on the group more knowlegeble than myself.  Would like to hear from
some other landowners.  You don't have to have 500 ac in woods to be a
tree farmer or be following a management plan.  Any kind of interest at
all in caring for some of your trees or planting some will do.

By the way Joe,  about this great discussion coming up--does this
dillirium come from a long winter couped up in a small cabin, or are you
drinking something I don't have?

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