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Wed Apr 8 09:49:22 EST 1998

mcour at wrote:
> I'm a landowner.  I just completed a successful timber sale of around 43000
> board feet of poplar, red oak, black cherry, and red maple.  I had help from
> two pro foresters and they not only helped me get a good deal on my timber but
> they educated me on many aspects of forest management and the timber business.

With those species you must live in the NE?

One of best books I've seen for the forest owner is "Woodland Ecology-
Environmental Forestry for the  Small Owner" by Leon S. Minckler,
published by Syracuse U. Press, 1980. I'm not sure if it's still in
print, but if you or anyone else finds that it is in print, please let
us know.

I like this book so much I once thought I'd buy a dozen or so and just
give them to my "key" clients, until I remembered that I'm cheap. <G>

The book has excellent drawings and photos. Now, if it's no longer in
print, it would be great if they could put this entire book up as a web

Joe Zorzin

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sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

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