The Business of Sustainable Forestry

Jack Clifford clifford at
Wed Apr 8 22:58:41 EST 1998

I'll have to get the Executive Summaries. Collins Pine has been a leader in
forest practices for a long time.  I remember touring their operation as
part of my forestry
summer camp at Meadow Valley, CA. in 1957. Christ, that was a long time ago.
group seems to be dominated by consultants. This is not a problem, but it
does give a
specific flavor to the issues in the group, like - an emphasis on small
ownership issues vs..
land management issues on a macro scale.

I've spent my professional career in the hated Federal service, Forest
Service, then
Bureau of Land Management, and finishing up with the Environmental
Protection Agency.
For the last half of my career, I was in policy assignments in Washington.
It's sometimes
as bad  as it seems, but never as simples as it seems.

Now. I'm living at the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Life is
Jack Clifford

Alphonse MacDonald wrote in message <352A49E5.9924D141 at>...
>Growing evidence indicates that sustainable forest management--which
>balances ecosystem needs with those of economies, cultures, and

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