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>With those species you must live in the NE?
>One of best books I've seen for the forest owner is "Woodland Ecology-
>Environmental Forestry for the  Small Owner" by Leon S. Minckler,
>published by Syracuse U. Press, 1980. I'm not sure if it's still in
>print, but if you or anyone else finds that it is in print, please let
>us know.
>I like this book so much I once thought I'd buy a dozen or so and just
>give them to my "key" clients, until I remembered that I'm cheap. <G>
>The book has excellent drawings and photos. Now, if it's no longer in
>print, it would be great if they could put this entire book up as a web
>Joe Zorzin

Recently picked up "Working with Your Woodland - A Landowner's Guide" rev. '93
from Mollie Beattie, Charles Thompson, and Lynn Levine.  These author's are: DC
US Fish & Wildlife head, former UMASS teacher and pres. of MASS Forestry Ass
and private consulting firm, and finally, a private VT consultant.

Other folks from New England besides Joe that educate us unfortunates!


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