Birth control for sweet gums?

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Tue Apr 14 09:07:31 EST 1998

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>OK, maybe its a stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway!
>Another case of a neighbor's tree causing a nuisance: sweet gum balls
>all over (a part) of my father's lawn. Other than being a nuisance,
>they are a tripping hazard for someone who is not as nimble on his
>feet as he once was. Is there a spay, or other hormone treatment that
>would cause the tree to not produce the balls? He has considered
>asking the neighbor to do a little selective pruning, which may lessen
>the problem a bit, but it seems that if we can create seedless fruits,
>(I know, stopping seed production is probably easier that stopping
>fruit production), there may be a hormone that could prevent sweet gum
>trees from producing their spikey little caltrops.

Try glyphosate. (no...please don't)

Theo Hopkins

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