Closing USFS Roads

Al Stangenberger forags at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Apr 15 10:54:10 EST 1998

Larry Harrell (fotoware at wrote:

: I'm sure that it includes costs for ripping the compacted roadbed. Without
: that, you'll have a whole bunch of banzai trees. Ripping is quite expensive
: and, depending on hardness of soil and rock content, rough on machines.

For real expensive road closure, I'll bet the National Park Service's work
closing old logging roads in Redwood National Park must have set a record.
They didn't just rip the roadbed and pull out the culverts -- in addition they
re-contoured the hillsides to completely eliminate all trace of the road

I saw some time-lapse movies of one of their projects, and it was kind of
neat to see the whole project compressed into a short film clip!  Big
earthmovers and D-9 cats running around like ants...

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