Closing USFS Roads

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>You?  I think we have been through this, may I see your credentials

One needn't have a degree in biology in order to know a lot of
biology.  Ornithology, in particular, has a long-standing history
of accepting non-professionals within the fold, so to speak, when
those non-professionals are knowledgable.  I wouldn't be the only
non-biologist on the OR/WA PIF Chapter Steering Committee if my
biologist co-committee members didn't feel I belonged there.

To your way of thinking, I imagine the fact that I don't have a
degree in photography or in English is more important than the
fact that I'm a nationally published writer and photographer?

I don't have a degree in Computer Science, either, if you want
to get picky.  

>> >Closure and left alone will not effect the environment one way or the
>> >other...

>> Tell that to fisheries biologists working on salmon bearing streams
>> in the PNW.

>Oh, I see, every one of those 3,500 miles is along side a salmon stream
>in the PNW.

Of course not.  But if you're going to make an absolute statement, I
only need one counter-example to refute it.

>You continue to think along the constraints that everything
>revolves around the PNW, a relatively small portion of the National
>Forest System.

Unlike you, I restrain myself to talking about things I know about.
I know about PNW forests.  You, on the other hand, in your indictment
of the USFS's program to close roads, make sweeping generalizations
about National Forests as though they're all alike, as a basis for
arguing that the money is poorly spent.

When you said "just close 'em and let nature take its course", you
didn't say "here in Texas where it's flat".  You meant your statement
to apply to all of our National Forests.

While I'm not overly knowledgable about National Forests outside the
PNW, at least I admit it.  

I will make one generalization, though - the USFS has thought out its
road closure and maintenance plans for the PNW and they seem to make
sense, from what I've seen.  I have no reason to suspect that they
haven't taken the same degree of care in other areas of the country.

We've been down this path before, you're right.  You're doing no
better this time than you did before.  I'd hoped you might've learned
something by now.

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