Closing USFS Roads

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> >Would you like to see a copy of my engineering grades?  Stick with the
> >assumption that some of us know a little about what we speak.
> Post as though you're using your knowledge, and I'll respond in like
> manner.
> >Besides,
> >a computer guru and photographer is telling me about engineering?
> I have to teach you about biology, too...
> >Closure and left alone will not effect the environment one way or the
> >other...
> Tell that to fisheries biologists working on salmon bearing streams
> in the PNW.
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Don, you may be a wonderful engineer of Texas.

Oregon is a different can of worms. Documented hundreds of landslides along a
single stream bed less than 10 miles long after heavy rains. These slopes
should _not_ have roadways into them. Many companies locally make more money
constructing roads than harvesting trees. And after clearcutting, the lands
have frequent slides: twice as often as without clearcutting.

Said slides add to extreme siltation of salmon-bearing and other anadromous
fish. Not many salmon in Texas. ;)

Bottom line: heavy rainfall, steep and unstable slopes make many of the
remaining sites too expensive to log. Added to the overharvest of the past 30
years, and you have a situation that demands some stopping "the insanity."

Daniel B. Wheeler

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