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JimiFromMI wrote:
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> >>That money can be better used elsewhere.
> >
> >Perhaps.  We could feed a lot of poor people in the Third World with
> >it, for instance.  However, this doesn't mean it's poorly spent or
> >wasteful.  Kenneth Starr - now, there's money poorly spent.
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> >- Don Baccus, Portland OR <dhogaza at>
> c'mon guys, I'm tired.  I don't know if I have the energy to muster up YET
> another political response.
> what is the charter for this group?
> respectfully.

I am supposed to be writting a charter, but haven't been officially
declared as "Group Discussion Leader", so am holding out for a pay

I agree, we children need to stop argueing and get back onsubject.
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