Care About forests

Allin Shaw (BIO) ashaw1 at
Thu Apr 16 12:01:42 EST 1998

	I'm originally from a state that has, and did have, forests, and I
naturally grew up with a love of trees, from the animals that use it as
their habitat, to the species of trees that produce fruit.  As I get
older, and moved away from my origins, I wonder about the health of these
trees and the animals that utilize them when certain key populations
(species of frogs, and amphibians) in states bordering Michigan and Canada 
are steadily decreasing.  Acid rain?  Emissions?  Pollution?  Toxic
Landfills?  I don't know, and if anyone has any updates on this or any
movements to decrease the regulations that govern water quality and
emissions, I'd like to know. Thanks.
					Allin Shaw

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