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>Interesting.  I post a quote from a Texas Forest Service leader, and am
>attacked by a photographer that feels that he has the view from Olympus,
>and he accusses me of ponitifcating?

Gee, Staples, I just made it clear that I only claim to know about PNW
forests (which include Mt. Olympus, true, but not the one you're thinking
of).  Howver, I do know about these forests and know that your
presumptions and prejudices simply don't apply.

>Get a life.  It is a federal boondogle, of the first nature.  Should
>some roads be closed and ripped?  Sure.  Should some be closed by
>abandonment? More likely. 

Since this is EXACTLY what the USFS will be doing (along with 
rebuilding and improving at least some of the roads that won't be
closed), how then is this a federal boondogle?  Shit, they're
doing exactly what you say should be done.

>Is it strictly a PNW problem? No. 

No, and I made it absolutely clear I don't believe it is.  I simply
choose to talk about PNW forests because I know them - and you
clearly don't.  I'll leave to folks with in-depth knowledge of other
forests to talk about them.

>The USFS has the same plans for all areas.

Chief Dombeck was quoted in today's Oregonian saying "we will be
reviewing are entire road system, to determmine which should be
kept and which should be removed" (I'm paraphrasing but that
conveys his message).  

Now, why shouldn't that plan be applied nationwide?

>By the way, Mr. Baccus, still waiting on your credentials to teach me
>biology. Or engineering.  Or forestry.  Or anything pertinent to this

My posts speak for themselves.

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