Closing USFS Roads

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>Still waiting for a "teacher" with credentials, and competency.

Credentials don't imply competency, nor is competency dependent
on credentials, thankfully, or I'd be in the poorhouse.

It is interesting, though, that rather than attack the information
I've given you, instead you seem to claim I must be wrong because I
don't have, what, a forestry degree?

>opinion is that the indicated money is a boondogle, yours is that it
>will save the west, or a salmon stream, or what ever. My opinion is
>based on observation, interest, and envolvement.  Yours is based on a
>coloquial view of your local microcosm that says throw money at it an
>all will be well.

My opinion is based on USFS studies of the effects of unmaintained
roads on erosion and other negative effects on watersheds.  The
studies themselves aren't opinion, they're the result of detailed
analysis.  The Oregon State Forestry Department has conducted
similar studies on their lands and come up with similar correlations
between roads and erosion and other problems.  So have private groups.

Staples has a "if I don't like it, it must be bad even though I've
not bothered to look at data on the issue" self-assurance that I find 
deplorable in one who *claims* to be a professional.

>That money can be better used elsewhere. 

Perhaps.  We could feed a lot of poor people in the Third World with
it, for instance.  However, this doesn't mean it's poorly spent or
wasteful.  Kenneth Starr - now, there's money poorly spent.

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