Closing USFS Roads

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Thu Apr 16 09:27:04 EST 1998

dwheeler at wrote:
> Oregon is a different can of worms. Documented hundreds of landslides along a
> single stream bed less than 10 miles long after heavy rains. These slopes
> should _not_ have roadways into them. Many companies locally make more money
> constructing roads than harvesting trees. And after clearcutting, the lands
> have frequent slides: twice as often as without clearcutting.
> Said slides add to extreme siltation of salmon-bearing and other anadromous
> fish. Not many salmon in Texas. ;)
> Bottom line: heavy rainfall, steep and unstable slopes make many of the
> remaining sites too expensive to log. Added to the overharvest of the past 30
> years, and you have a situation that demands some stopping "the insanity."
> Daniel B. Wheeler

I agree, in general, since specifics of your local scene are not
available to me.  But, the general USFS plan does not just address your
10 miles of stream bed.  I have little faith in the burros to use public
funds to the betterment of the environment. Just as I have little faith
in the USFS much flaunted "public policy hearings", where every one
present knows the special interest groups will carry the day, regardless
of the hearings. 

It is, in my opinion, throwing good money after bad, with the end
results not justifying the means.
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