Closing USFS Roads

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>A "subtle" diversion at best, you assume and I assume, yet you call it
>deplorable that I disagree with you.

I don't mind your disagreeing in the least.  However, you offered 
nothing than two opinions - your own, and that of the head of
the Texas Forestry Service (or whatever y'all call it).  When
confronted with some actual information as to why simply letting
the roads sit there isn't the right solution in some cases, at least,
rather than arguing facts and data you switched to an ad hominem
mode of attack.

I shouldn't've risen to the bait, I admit, and I apologize for
doing so.  For as most folks know, when information is met with
an ad hominem attack that is, in essence, admission of defeat by
the attacker.

>You are at best, unreliable to
>determine my motive, education, goals, or anything else about what or
>how I do in my profession.

Given that all you offer are politically-motivated opinions and
ad hominem attacks, you are right - I have no way of measuring your
education or professional skills.  Your motive, though, is to avoid
learning, that's pretty clear.

>My profession has been one on the line for
>the last 75 years, where have you been?  

And we've seen the results of 75 years of old-fashioned, close-minded
thinking by foresters.  When in past debates I've pointed out that
there are modern schools of forestry, such as that at UWash, that
take a very different approach to the subject than you and other
traditionalists do, your response has been to claim that they
really aren't teaching/practicing forestry!

Thank God there are many foresters that are forward-looking and
don't feel that all that needed to be learned about forest management
was learned 75 years ago.


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