Closing USFS Roads

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Don Baccus wrote:
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> >I agree, in general, since specifics of your local scene are not
> >available to me.
> Then why not shut the fuck up rather than pretend that you, or your
> Texas Forestry Department head, do?

As discussion leader, I would warn you to watch your language, be civil,
or be gone.
> >But, the general USFS plan does not just address your
> >10 miles of stream bed.
> But, the USFS has been studying the effects of roads throughout
> their forests.  Your implication is that they're moving forward
> in ignorance, and it's not true.

Show me my quote, where I said that, or any of the accusation you make. 
My implications are this is a boondoggle project by one of the best
boondoggle organization in the fed house.  Never more, never less.  That
money would pay to purchase unknown acres for future generations, yet
you would waste it on road "retuns".
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