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Don Baccus wrote:
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> >Interesting.  I post a quote from a Texas Forest Service leader, and am
> >attacked by a photographer that feels that he has the view from Olympus,
> >and he accusses me of ponitifcating?
> Gee, Staples, I just made it clear that I only claim to know about PNW
> forests (which include Mt. Olympus, true, but not the one you're thinking
> of).  Howver, I do know about these forests and know that your
> presumptions and prejudices simply don't apply.

Ah, you read my thoughts now?

My presumptions and prejudices?  About a federal boondoggle?  Get real, 
you have little concept of my presumptions or prejudices, other than
suffering gas bag photographers poorly.

> >Get a life.  It is a federal boondogle, of the first nature.  Should
> >some roads be closed and ripped?  Sure.  Should some be closed by
> >abandonment? More likely.
> Since this is EXACTLY what the USFS will be doing (along with
> rebuilding and improving at least some of the roads that won't be
> closed), how then is this a federal boondogle?  Shit, they're
> doing exactly what you say should be done.

At $65,000 a mile, that is a boondoggle of the first order, or maybe
your in the ripping business?
> >Is it strictly a PNW problem? No.
> No, and I made it absolutely clear I don't believe it is.  I simply
> choose to talk about PNW forests because I know them - and you
> clearly don't.  I'll leave to folks with in-depth knowledge of other
> forests to talk about them.
> >The USFS has the same plans for all areas.
> Chief Dombeck was quoted in today's Oregonian saying "we will be
> reviewing are entire road system, to determmine which should be
> kept and which should be removed" (I'm paraphrasing but that
> conveys his message).
> Now, why shouldn't that plan be applied nationwide?
> >By the way, Mr. Baccus, still waiting on your credentials to teach me
> >biology. Or engineering.  Or forestry.  Or anything pertinent to this
> >group.
> My posts speak for themselves.
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