Closing USFS Roads

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Thu Apr 16 09:08:42 EST 1998

Don Baccus wrote:
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> >Don, you may be a wonderful engineer of Texas.
> I presume you mean Don Staples? :) :) I don't know shit about Texas and admit it.
> I just wish Staples would admit he only knows about Texas and would quit
> pontificating as though he knows about everything...

Interesting.  I post a quote from a Texas Forest Service leader, and am
attacked by a photographer that feels that he has the view from Olympus,
and he accusses me of ponitifcating?

Get a life.  It is a federal boondogle, of the first nature.  Should
some roads be closed and ripped?  Sure.  Should some be closed by
abandonment? More likely.  Is it strictly a PNW problem? No.  The USFS
has the same plans for all areas.  But to spend that kind of money on
16,000 acres scattered across the western states is tantamont to the
biggest pork barrel project out of the liberal"go for the cash"
politicians handbook.

By the way, Mr. Baccus, still waiting on your credentials to teach me
biology. Or engineering.  Or forestry.  Or anything pertinent to this

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