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Don Staples dstaples at
Fri Apr 17 14:04:31 EST 1998

I have a charter written, edited and approved by my predecessor, but
have not place it on the board for ya'lls review, nor sent it to
bionet.  Some what confused as to haveing no response to the change in
"discussion leadership" roles from bionet.  

Keep paying those dues, got two kids in college and every penny helps! 
(To our new viewers, it's a joke)

JimiFromMI wrote:
> I thought I saw one posted many moons back from you, Don.  Where do my dues go?
>  I hope not some political campaign!  You'll get your pay increase in spades as
> soon as the Tobacco settlement comes through and the Feds finally decide that
> Lawyers' fees are too damn high.
> Regards.

Don Staples
UIN 4653335

My Ego Stroke:

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