Closing USFS Roads

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>Bionet.agroforestry is bionet.  The use of bionet is semi-closely
>regulated by Stanford U, the home of bionet.  I have been nominally
>placed as discussion leader of bionet.agroforestry.  Two things bionet
>discusses with the discussion leader are spamming, and inappropriate
>posts.  Your language is inappropriate for bionet, take it to

This is alt.forestry.  Your original post was cross-posted here (otherwise
I would've never seen it).  If you don't me to respond to your posts,
don't post to alt.forestry.

alt.forestry is not moderated.  The fact that you cross-posted to a
moderated group doesn't change that.

Why did you post here, anyway?

>The process for transgressors is simple.  Several warnings, then taken
>to the ISP of the transgressor through bionet.

Go for it, I'll tell them the same thing I'm telling you - I'm reading
it in alt.forestry.  If you don't want responses, don't cross post here.
You can't transmorgify alt.forestry simply by cross-posting to a
moderated group.

>I dont mind argueing with you, thats part and parcel of the news
>groups.  Childish insults and temper tantrums are not part of it.

As moderator of your newgroup, you should keep that in mind before
posting ad hominem insults, then, shouldn't you.  Or does Stanford
support different rules for moderators and participants?

>If you have any questions about bionet go to their web site:

I have no interest in bionet, but will continue to read alt.forestry.

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