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Fri Apr 17 11:04:14 EST 1998

Ever notice that as the fight progresses, you can't tell which one is

I don't think that group moderation is such a bad idea, although
self-moderation would certainly be better. Set up some fair ground
rules for debate and zap messages that don't comply. After a couple
days people will figure it out. Let the battles rage on alt.forestry:
that's what it's for.  

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Don Staples wrote:
> >
> > I agree, we children need to stop argueing and get back onsubject.
> > --
> A certain amount of arguing isn't bad. But after 20-30 messages when
> each side has dug itself in- then it's time to move on.
> And as I've said many times here, if more of the so called "leadership"
> of this profession got involved with these discussions, then we'd have
> more sides to the debate, some conclusions could be drawn... and the
> "leaders" might learn something- talking to mud foresters and
> photographers instead of their flunkies and pinhead politicians. But
> since they don't know anything in my opinion, they'd embarrass
> themselves, so they stay away from this Roman Forum.
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