Long Leaf Pine Economics

CWill2000 cwill2000 at aol.com
Fri Apr 17 08:03:42 EST 1998

I am seeking information or references to any studies discussing the relative
ecomomic advantages on long leaf pine vs. loblolly pine.  I work with a 23,000
acre plantation in the South Carolina, USA, coastal plain, and it has been
proposed to reforest the upland into long leaf pine over a long period. The
plantation is primarily in loblolly pine today, both natural pine and small
pine plantations. There are also many fallow fields and game patches. This
plantation is used for recreation, and esthetics, wildlife, and an eco-system
approach are important to the management of the land.  But as the Comptoller, I
am seeking data to justify the conversion on economic grounds; or want to show
what the costs will be compared to loblolly pine if it is a better deal.

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