Closing USFS Roads

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Fri Apr 17 15:59:49 EST 1998

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>Then perhaps you should trim your Newsgroups headings, as well.

Then perhaps YOU shouldn't crosspost in the first place.

>perhaps talk to the founder of Alt.forestry, for his opinion, on the use
>of vulgar language.  You staying out of this, Larry?

Doesn't matter what his opinion is.  Alt.forestry is an unmoderated newsgroup.
That's why moderated groups exist - because unmoderated groups are a free-for-all.

As was the case when you used to post outragous statements to talk.environment,
when confronted by facts you simply switch to ad hominem attacks on the person
bearing facts, then whine when called on it.

Do you hold all posters to your moderated group to such low standards, or to
maintain an exclusive hold on the cellar?

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